Fair skin equals 100 percent ‘sosyal’ screams Belo ad!

The following was captured from an image of one of three ads uploaded to the Belo Men Facebook Page at 6:15pm 01 July 2012 (AEST). The ad images had apparently since been removed from that page. The ad features a fair-skinned Filipino(?) man standing in front of what looks like a white Korean-made economy sedan […]

Jinkee Pacquiao MEGA cover over-photoshopped?

Media giant ABS-CBN “reported” a while back how Jinkee Pacquiao became more beautiful in what comes across more as an infomercial than the work of real journalism, pitching a cocktail of “products” that account for her new look: Smart Lipo to help her lose 20 pounds; Body Tite which is “a body remodelling procedure from […]

Jinkee Pacquiao says no to Ellen Degeneres because her English sucks

Pac-woman Ms Jinkee Pacquiao reportedly turned down an invitation to guest in The Ellen Degeneres Show recently “because she feared she would be criticized for her lack of fluency in English.” Specifically she was afraid of making a mistake on live television… “Sabi ko ayoko ‘yong live (I said I didn’t want it live),” said […]

Pacquiao family celeb circus growing around RH Bill

All of a sudden a whole bunch of celebrities known more for their non-intellectual “assets” than anything else are embroiling themselves in a national “issue” that confounds even the best minds in the Philippine “intelligentsia”. Across the Philippine media landscape, we get disparate reports of Jinkee Pacquiao’s contraceptive pill popping, Pacquiao-mother “Mommy Dionisia” lashing out […]

Inquirer report on Ruffa Gutierrez’s tummy tuck: News or infomercial?

Jinkee Pacquiao gaining her husband Manny’s “loyalty” and Ruffa Gutierrez’s sob story about the lawlaw (loose) skin on her tummy following her pregnancy. It’s a news report written by a certain Alex Y. Vergara for the “Wellness” section of the Inquirer.net that comes across like a mashup of celebrity endorsements for a cosmetic surgery product […]