Why Senator Bongbong Marcos should read the Holy Bible

It does not take much to attract media attention in the Philippines. You just need to do something “special”. Fortunately for Filipinos, their society had set a low bar for specialness. For many politicians, simply taking a bus or a train along with the peasants makes them special enough to be elected to government posts […]

In the Gospel I See Noynoy Aquino

  Some of you will go to Church this Sunday. In the event you are Catholic I strongly you recommend you email this blog to your priest. Tell them they can take off having to write the sermon for Sunday. Move over Rover, let Father Gogs take over. Get Real Philippines   is my pulpit. […]

Bishops oppose opening in Manila of ‘Corpus Christi’, a play depicting Jesus Christ as gay

The latest outrage fad in the Philippines currently being stirred up by self-described champions of freedom and secularism is a campaign being mounted by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) against the showing of the American stage play Corpus Christi in the Philippines. Corpus Christi is a passion play by Terrence McNally dramatizing […]

Holy Week reflection: Are Filipinos still capable of suffering with grace?

The much-awaited Easter holidays are coming up. In the Philippines they call it “Holy Week” presumably because over the several days that make up that “week”, people are supposed to reflect upon the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events leading up to it as documented in the New Testament. One of […]

Did Catholic school STC Cebu fail to teach Christian values to the bikini girls?

Everyone makes mistakes. Most of us learn from them, become better persons as a result, and then move on. As the saying goes, “Good judgment comes from bad experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment”. In fact, we’ll make more mistakes than we can ever remember and in between being born and […]

How the Roman Catholic Church devalued Jesus Christ

The Lenten season is upon us, and it is time to reflect on the deep fundamentals that define our aspirations to be “good” Christians. Part of those fundamentals are principles ingrained in us since youth by an institution that presumes to speak on behalf of God and provide “moral leadership” to his “flock”. But there […]

Do we really know what admiring Steve Jobs is really all about?

A great man died the other day. And so I’ve been seing a lot of tributes to Steve Jobs, for the man and for his achievements — he built one of the most valuable business enterprises on the planet, created great products, and established the services behind them that re-defined entire industries and entire ways […]