On Jessica Zafra’s pseudo-psychoanalysis of Duterte’s appeal to Filipino voters’ id

Jessica Zafra is right about the substance behind Rodrigo Duterte’s rise to prominence, of course. Duterte’s campaign appeals to the Filipino’s id. Id is one of three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche. Id, together with the other two, ego and super-ego, form Freud’s hypothetical mutually-counter-balancing psychical […]

Why Filipinos are not ready to fully embrace ‘gay rights’

Any discission on the future of the “gay rights” movement in the Philippines has to start with the teachings of Filipinos’ Christian faith — because, at the moment, religion is stubbornly baked into Filipinos’ sense of identity. But, Christian teaching in general — and Catholic dogma specifically — categorically lists homosexuality and its derivative lifestyles […]

Why Jessica Zafra fails in her crude attempt to defend ‘LGBT rights’

Jessica Zafra, in her recent Interaksyon.com article Shut the f-ck up, idiots fails to elevate the debate. Sure, perhaps she might feel she is surrounded by idiots who hold supposedly bigoted views about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. However Zafra loses, because she had launched herself into an amusing tililing rampage against […]

The 2016 Philippine Presidential Candidates Are All Dipshits

The clown car parade that the 2016 Philippine presidential elections are turning out to be only proves that many Filipinos don’t want to think for themselves. Rather, as is typical of the “Pinoy” mindset, they look upon other people and choose to let these other people think for them when determining how they want their […]