Alternative Media (Part 3): Mediocrity is the Enemy

Yes, as mentioned by a commenter before, fantasies aren’t going to save the country. They are only mostly ideas and, at the end of the day, ideas will not mean anything if no one will stand for them. However, it is often ideas that build people’s character and, without good ideas, how can we hope […]

Mar Roxas motorbike spill mars #Hagupit PR while wife Korina strikes again!

“He does try,” commented one netizen of Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas who is shown in a widely-circulated photo on a motorbike while on an inspection trip in Taft, Samar, one of the areas where Super Typhoon Hagupit first made landfall. It can be noted that Roxas was not wearing a […]

Endemic corruption in Philippine society stems from a national Trust Deficit Disorder!

The public puts its trust in government officials to look after the best interests of the public. A very simple tenet. Yet it is one that seems to elude the fundamental sensibilities of Philippine society. When was the last time we rested assured that a Philippine government bureaucracy, bureaucrat, or official is doing its, his […]

The persistent myth of economic growth

Development in understanding in recent years is making real limits on growth a lot more palpable since it is becoming quite evident that our approach to measuring economic value and the costs of acquiring said “value” (i.e. our monetary system) is woefully incomplete. Yet economic growth remains the be-all-end-all that pervades every aspect of human […]

Honor is not a strong part of Filipino tradition

You don’t need to look far. The current political tele-dramas that have rivetted Filipinos lately point to it. Thievery on such an unprecedented vast scale perpetrated by the elected officials of a society are proof in itself. Many of them were not elected once but twice — and their offspring and kin elected despite all […]

Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle should just shut up about the Yolanda victims

Recall the monstrous earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan back in 2011 causing untold death and suffering there. The stoicism and quiet grace with which the Japanese greeted the unimaginable destruction and loss of life, mobilised its forces to assess and respond, and reached out to the global community to receive assistance speaks volumes […]

Filipinos need to develop a sense of shame or guilt

Japanese prime ministers resign every now and then, some of them for as little as the shame of breaking an election promise. One I remember from a couple years back won in a landslide victory but was forced to resign because of mounting criticism for his flip-flopping on the issues he promised to solve during […]