Is prosperity with ‘no one left behind’ really possible?

I enjoyed reading a a blog post recently published in authored by a certain “bill” (quoted as it appears on the site — not capitalised). In his article, “reThinking Soriano“, “bill” makes an intriguing statement that got me thinking… So the question is not, “English or Filipino?” The question is how to live and […]

The truth about Tagalog that James Soriano failed to explain

William “The Chair Wrecker” Esposo of has joined in the debate about the Philippine national language (or lack of it) in his recent column. This was in response to the controversial and now removed article written by James Soriano from Manila Bulletin. While Esposo rabidly defended our constitutionally mandated national language, Tagalog, he wrote […]

English vs Tagalog: James Soriano owes no one any apologies

Whatever it was said by whoever this James Soriano is, if it is the truth about the utter lack of intellectual tools Tagalog provides its speakers, then no apologies are needed to be given to those who take offense from these words. A Manila Bulletin column published on August 24 titled “Language, learning, identity, privilege” […]