Metro Manila, as seen through Sean Ellis’ lens

The film “Metro Manila” by British director Sean Ellis had its media screening last August 13. Starring Jake Macapagal and Althea Vega as Oscar and Mai Ramirez, respectively, the movie tells the story of a family who come to the city from the province in search of work and a better life. However, what they […]

Hindi Pwede Kami Magtagal Dito.My Impressions of Sean Ellis’ Metro Manila

    And them South Side sisters sure look pretty The cripple on the corner cries out, “Nickels for your pity.” And them downtown boys sure talk gritty It’s so hard to be a saint in the city   Bruce Springsteen    “Hindi pwede kami magtagal dito. “- that is the Tagalog phrase as I […]

‘Metro Manila’ – (The Film): Anything but Cliché

To a jaded moviegoer who thinks he has seen it all, “Metro Manila” offers a compelling reason for viewers to revisit Philippine cinema. I was recently invited for the press screening of “Metro Manila” last Tuesday August 13, at “The Block” in SM North Edsa. “Metro Manila” was directed by the UK’s Academy Award nominee […]

Award-wiinning British film ‘Metro Manila’ trailer exclusive on UK Telegraph!

Winner of this year’s Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, the trailer of Sean Ellis’s thriller Metro Manila is now an exclusive on the Telegraph! Starring Jake Macapagal and Althea Vega, the film, which won the Audience Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, tells the story of Oscar Ramirez (Macapagal) and his family’s […]