New Apple iPad ‘mini’ tablet out soon!

Rumours are out that a smaller and less-expensive version of Apple’s best-selling iPad tablet computer may be announced soon. Dubbed the “iPad Mini” by rumour mongers, Bloomberg reports the new product is likely to have a 7- to 8-inch screen diagonally and be priced at $199 in the United States. This would put the new […]

New Nexus 7 tablet launches Google into ‘ecosystem’ wars

Long rendered mere commodities with their manufacturing now largely done in labour-rich China and southeast Asia, computing hardware has now become just low-cost components in increasingly cloud-based software “ecosystems” the likes of which were first spectacularly consumerised by Apple in its now cyber-ubiquitous iTunes retail network. But software and Net firms are coming in hard […]

Do we really know what admiring Steve Jobs is really all about?

A great man died the other day. And so I’ve been seing a lot of tributes to Steve Jobs, for the man and for his achievements — he built one of the most valuable business enterprises on the planet, created great products, and established the services behind them that re-defined entire industries and entire ways […]

Apple briefly world’s most valuable business: What it means

Last year, Apple surpassed Microsoft to become the most valuable technology company in the world. For a brief instant yesterday, Apple became the most valuable public company in any industry in terms of market capitalisation exceeding Exxon Mobil by more than USD5 billion. The market closed after Exxon regained the lead with a market cap […]

Is the iPhone and iPad the new Macintosh?

Recall back in the early eighties when the Macintosh came out. It was the coolest computing device, with its then revolutionary point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI) and compact stylish exterior that could pass off as a trendy furniture piece in any artiste’s living room. Alongside it in what was then the Wild Wild West personal […]

Motorola Xoom: still a question of Google Android vs Apple iOS

We haven’t even convincingly answered the question What does one use in iPad for? and yet the world is already exploding with a bevy of touch screen “tablet computers” that hope to grab a piece of this lucrative market. Notable among them is the Motorola Xoom. There are lots of reviews about the hardware and […]

What does one use an iPad for?

Always on and ready for use, lightweight, slim, clean-lined, and sexily minimalist. You can read books and magazines on it, play games, and do other media-rich stuff. Even when it is off, it looks great. It’s arguably the coolest piece of hi-tech hardware in the market. All good. I’ve just got one question though: What […]