Three ingredients essential for the Philippines to progress that ‘thought leaders’ fail to address

The trouble with the Philippines’ political discourse today is that it is hopelessly partisan. As a result, there is no energy channeled into mapping a way forward for the Philippines. Instead, much of the talk is around discrediting one other. Whilst there is a small niche within the social media chatter that appreciates and rewards […]

A more sober regard for BS Aquino’s veto of the SSS pension hike bill

Understandably, a lot of emotion surrounds the issue of how much pension retired Filipinos are entitled to from the Philippines’ Social Security System (SSS). The Manila Times editor called President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III “cruel and heartless” for vetoing House Bill 5842 passed by Philippine Congress to significantly increase SSS benefit payouts to pensioners. […]

The Real Reason Why PNoy Does Not Want to Lower Income Tax

So President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy), in response to proposals by some legislators, said that he is not convinced that lowering income tax rates would be beneficial to the country. He claims that: “If we lower income tax rates, revenues will be smaller while the deficit will be wider. The widening deficit will be a negative […]

Business 101: Stop wasting your breath BEGGING the ‘best and brightest’ to stay

Take stock of the current political landscape today and one stark reality jumps out of the picture: There is no one great leader who stands out as one who possesses a coherent enough strategic vision for the Philippines. Instead of true leaders and statesmen all we have is more of the usual bozos: politicians. Filipino […]

First Quarter 7.8% annual growth in Ph economy: The Bottom Line

Reports of economic growth in the Philippines as measured by its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reaching an annualised 7.8 percent in the first quarter of the year is sending waves of optimism rippling across Philippine society. One of the centrepieces of the newly-booming economy put up by recent reports on this economic phenomenon such as […]

Noynoy Aquino government hires Fitch Ratings to give Philippine economy a thumbs up

Incumbent Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is beaming with pride now that the country has scored an “investment-grade” credit rating from Global rating agency, Fitch Ratings under his watch. You might be asking yourself, “What the heck does it all mean?” Well, it means a lot of things that some folks will never understand. […]

Filipino attitude towards money highlighted yet again

Recently, a renowned financial expert in the United States, Suze Orman, was in town for a series of talks about personal finance. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) brought her over as part of their financial wellness advocacy. Naturally, one of the things she focused, and expressed concerns about, is the Filipino attitude towards money. […]