Thought leaders are at the top of the intellectual food chain, near the bottom are ‘investigative journalists’

The media and the partisans who presume to constitute the Philippine National “Debate” may have succeeded at dividing the Philippines into Dutertards and Yellowtards and, they presume, maintain a lively chatter that, they say, is the heart of a vibrant “democracy”. But whilst this chatter is generating a lot of noise, none of that noise […]

Compromising OPSEC: Philippine media have learned NOTHING ever since the Luneta incident!

Chalk it up to good old fashioned stubbornness on Philippine media’s part, maybe. However, one does not really have to be trained in the military to know what operations security (OPSEC) entails. Though an official definition is rather wordy, the spirit of it is that sensitive, or potentially compromising, information is very carefully handled, so […]

What gets to be ‘news’ in the Philippines

No less than the venerable is now in the spotlight now that one of its own — the late Melinda ‘Mei’ Magsino — lies dead, a victim of the Philippines’ banal tradition of murdering journalists. It is, indeed, quite ironic that an industry supposedly feared and pandered to by the country’s most powerful oligarchs […]

Will Mei Magsino be put on trial for her own murder?

The killing of former Inquirer corespondent Melinda ‘Mei’ Magsino brings to 26 the number of media personnel killed under the watch of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. Suffice to say, even the mightiest newspaper in the Philippines will likely helplessly watch as justice, yet again, proves elusive; this time to one of their […]

Whistleblower app SecureDrop takes investigative journalism to the 21st Century!

A system that allows anonymous informants to send electronic documents without fear of disclosure developed by the late Internet ‘hacktivist’ Aaron Swartz and investigative journalist Kevin Poulsen back in 2011 is gaining traction amongst big-name international media organisations. Originally named DeadDrop, management and rollout of the system has since been taken over by the Freedom […]

‘Journalists’ defending Noynoy’s latest tirade miss the point

Conflict of interest – this is the argument being thrown around by certain people in defense of Noynoy’s speech at the TV Patrol silver anniversary last July 27. Rappler writer Chay Hofileña and self-professed investigative journalist Ellen Tordesillas are at the forefront of this “argument” with their big virtual mouths. Conflict of interest, simplified, means […]