Senator Miriam Santiago will have more fun in the Philippines than at the International Criminal Court

There comes a time when one starts getting bored with one’s job and starts to think about going for another one just because it looks like the grass is much greener on the other side. But when the time comes to say goodbye to the old job, realization suddenly hits and then one starts having […]

Ignorance: a fundamental force in Pinoy society

Fellow GRP writer Arche wrote a few days ago about Miriam Defensor Santiago (MDS), and he likened her to a modern day Pilosopo Tasyo. She is obsessed with the law, and probably knows it better than most other lawmakers currently in the Philippines. One can be forgiven for saying that her obsession with the law […]

Miriam Defensor-Santiago: Our modern day Pilosopo Tasyo

You might encounter the term Pilosopo Tasyo (Philosopher Tasyo) or simply pilosopo in a couple of typical Filipino conversations, and is generally taken to mean “someone who takes things literally in a sarcastic way,” usually thrown at people who can’t help but nitpick on people’s faulty sentence construction for fun. While the word has donned […]