Philippine Public Transportation and Metro Manila’s Squatters

On the wayside of an outrage fiesta over Metro Manila’s teeming population of squatters, people seem to have missed a gaily colored solution piñata: public transportation. After people have salved their poverty butthurt and middle-class angst, perhaps it would be a good idea to revisit a column in Manila Standard called “Happy Hour” where it […]

A sustainable solution to the squatter problem in the Philippines

Judging from the reaction of the readers to previous articles on squatters in the Philippines, there are definitely more decent Filipinos who are fed up with squatters who bite the hand that feed them compared to the number of readers who defended some of the squatters’ parasitic tendencies. After my suggestion that illegal settlers should […]

Party-List politicians seek audience with Anti-Squatter postergirl Bianca Gonzalez

One wonders what else Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon wants to discuss with Bianca Gonzalez in a “dialogue” he is reportedly seeking with the famous model-turned-TV-personality. I suppose the question to Ridon is quite simple: What part of Gonzalez’s tweet that “So many people working hard to save to buy a house on prime land […]

Makati Medical Center fire further highlights the health and safety hazards posed by squatter colonies

Just when you think squatters and the waste they dump in Manila’s storm drains have already been discussed to death enough, suddenly another risk posed to health and safety by the proliferation of “informal settlers” all over the Philippines’ premier metropolis has emerged: fire. This was highlighted in a huge blaze that erupted next to […]

Bianca Gonzalez’s Tweet Reveals The Pinoy Middle Class as the Thin Filling Inside an Entitlement Sandwich

The tweet of Bianca Gonzalaez @iamsuperbianca seems to be the focus of a lot of Pinoy outrage. Bianca tweeted: “Ang dami nating nagtatrabaho para makaipon para sa prime lot at bahay plus buwis pa. Bakit nga ba bine-baby ang mga informal settlers?” (Translation: “So many people working hard to save to buy a house on prime land […]

A lot of decent Filipinos are getting fed up with arrogant squatters

The squatters in the Philippines have wreaked havoc in the country and they are out of control. The problem is quite obvious and the solution is staring everyone in the face; there are just not enough public servants with enough guts to address the issue. But someone has to put an end to the vicious […]

Bianca Gonzalez speaks out on Manila’s squatter infestation!

Was it because it was said in Tagalog? Or was it because popular celebrity babe Bianca Gonzalez (with a “z” at the end) tweeted it? Whatever the reason, an outrage fad was born yet again after the modelling and social media superstar let out this gem on Twitter: Ang dami nating nagtatrabaho para makaipon para […]

Land ownership Hell: The Philippines is Squatter Central when it comes to government subsidies!

Squatting does indeed pay in the Philippines. The most recent pandering to this vote-rich sector of Philippine society is an 18,000-peso “rental subsidy” to be provided by the Philippine government to each squatter family relocated to other settlement sites. This follows a reported announcement from Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio Singson that “there is […]