Expanded Manila vehicle reduction scheme continues to penalize law-abiding private motorists

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to predict the response the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will get if it extends the proposed expansion of the ‘number coding scheme’ to the city’s privately-operated public utility vehicles (PUVs). Under Metro Manila’s current Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), vehicles ending in any one of two license […]

Loser mentality: Filipinos’ 500-year dependence on foreign investment

To understand the fundamental flaw in the idea of the Philippines’ relying on a strategy of counting on “foreign investment” to rescue its people from their own self-created wretchedness, it is important to understand the equally fundamental definition of poverty. Quite simply: Poverty is a habitual entering into commitments one is inherently unable to honour. […]

The key to true Philippine Independence does not lie in Philippine Media products

As expected, Philippine Media is breaking out all the colours to mark the day: lots of red white and blue, the yellow sun and three stars, poetry waxed about Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio — the works. Fiesta Independence Day! Check it out: this extravaganza of nationalist sentiment candy is emanating from an institution — […]

The Philippines in 2013 remains dependent even on ‘Independence’ Day!

So once again we are celebrating “Independence” Day — or rather the date we would like to think the Philippines won its independence. I do wonder though why we continue to propagate the notion that we emerged from the year 1898 the winners. Last I heard, winners get to rule. Last I heard, we did […]

What the victory of US President Barack Obama means to Filipinos

Filipinos follow American showbiz, American sport, American fashion, parrot American accents, ape American attitudes and, yes, act out American politics. Indeed, Filipinos were all but carried away by US election fever trooping to “mock US elections” organised by the US Embassy in Manila and whooping it up after the victory at the polls of re-electionist […]

Who is the true Filipino ‘nationalist’?

So-called “cause-oriented groups” (COGs) at present seem to have a monopoly over the label “nationalist” or “patriot”. They claim to be the only true nationalists simply by virtue of their willingness to invoke chaos on our streets and to express themselves in a form of Tagalog that makes generous use of six-syllable words that most […]

Musings on Independence Day: Discovering a new kind of freedom

It’s that day again; that historic moment that will forever make its way to our youth’s school textbooks, that significant event that ended Spain’s grip on our forebears for good, that spectacular time when the Philippine flag was waved at the balcony of then-President Emilio Aguinaldo at Kawit, Cavite… that eternal memory etched in history […]

Philippines: Stuck in reverse since Independence Day

A lot of Filipinos want to copy everything about the United States of America. From the form of government down to the style of music, Filipinos look to Uncle Sam for direction. For as long as everyone can remember, Filipinos have always viewed the home of our former colonizers as the land of milk and […]