Ang Immoralidad ng Pinoy Media

Kamakailan lamang, meron mga naki-usap na isalin ko sa Tagalog o wikang Filipino ang tatlo sa aking mga nakaraan na artikulo. Ang isa ay iyong tungkol kay Vice Ganda, yung susunod ay ukol sa Pinoy Big Brother at iyong huli naman ay naglalaman ng mga kritisismo laban sa media ng Pilipinas. Madalang talaga akong gumawa ng artikulo sa […]

The Hypocrisy of Philippine Media

“Grimwald, one of the things you have to remember is that the human body itself is wired to tell the truth. You can always try to hide something but, unless you’re really good at it, your body will betray you one way or another. You don’t need to tell me the truth, if you don’t want […]

The Philippine Media and Its Broken Sense of Morals

Thank you very much Kate Natividad for another enlightening article. I also recommend you read one of the first articles I’ve written here at GRP about homosexuality and homophobia as well as one of my more recent pieces. Please take note that I’m not writing this article to judge or condemn anyone. If anything, I am writing […]

Lewd Vice Ganda billboards full of naked men offends Cebu morality police!

What was the management of ABS-CBN thinking posting this supposedly “lewd” billboard promoting Filipino gay celebrity Vice Ganda’s concert in Cebu? Well, if we go by the current politically-correct thinking, it was thinking normal thoughts. Encouraging homosexuals to “express their sexuality” is kinda the in thing nowadays, I heard. So I suppose we really cannot […]