Mar Roxas’s campaign promises NOTHING to the Filipino people

Generations of Filipino politicians have paid lip service to the idea that Filipinos deserve an egalitarian society and that the it is unjust that vast wealth be in the hands of so few. It has become a template campaign promise during election season for politicians to issue promises to “eliminate poverty” and dismantle the monopoly […]

4 Ways The Cycle Of Poverty Proliferates In The Philippines

It seems that Zaxx’s statements in his last article is earning quite a bit of attention from our readers, both positive and negative alike. While Zaxx’s proposals may seem harsh, I can safely assume that many of his opinions regarding that of squatters is because of the many problems they cause to society as a […]

Filipinos see a better future in foreign war zones than in the Philippines

You know a country has really sunk to an unprecedented depth of wretchedness when its own citizens would prefer to remain in a war zone over taking their chances on a return to the “safety” of their homeland. Such is what describes the rather embarrassing situation in the Philippine government’s efforts to repatriate up to […]

Empowering Filipinos: why it hasn’t worked

Inclusive growth – that has become sort of a buzz word for the government of current Philippine president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. In fact, the definition BS Aquino has for it includes, “to empower citizens to become bona fide actors who productively contribute to nation building”. It sounds nice really, but the results up to […]

The myth of ‘inclusive growth’ in the Philippines and why GDP alone does not matter

Why is there no inclusive growth in the Philippines? The critical component and measurement which goes a long way in explaining why no progress is being made, and inclusive growth remains only the ‘in’ slogan/mantra of the year is the Poverty Elasticity of Growth or PEG (the multiplier effect of percent growth to percent poverty […]

‘Where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty.’ – President Noynoy Aquino, #WEF Manila 2014

Quotable quotes from Philippine President Noynoy Aquino addressing the World Economic Forum delegates in Manila yesterday… * * * “Where there is no corruption, there will be no poverty.”  * * * “The Philippines reworked the formula for success in business – from one that required connections with influential people, to one that gives value […]

Boom times in the Philippines’ call center and OFW economy

According to Associated Press “reporter” Teresa Cerojano who wrote an AP article, the Philippines’ much hyped economic “boom” was credited by “many” to the “new vitality to the policies of President Benigno Aquino III, elected in 2010 on promises of eradicating graft and fighting poverty.” Perhaps. But the indicators of this growth cited by Cerojano […]