The Filipino Thirst for Foreign Blood

Like some traumatic childhood memory that couldn’t be shaken off, colonial mentality still remains deeply lodged within the Filipino psyche despite decades of independence from his tall light-skinned masters. There’s no denying it: the Filipino’s awe over anything foreign still lies ingrained within his/her genes. Digging deeper, is there really a valid ground for this […]

Why Americans are embracing Donald Trump’s view of the world

Donald Trump is on a war path against political correctness. And America is increasingly behind him as he leads the charge to take the beachhead. US media reportedly does not know what to do about Trump. It covers him because he delivers the all-important ratings their shareholders salivate over yet, in doing so, the industry […]

Do Your Country a Favor: Get Out!

Stuck in the middle of traffic, inching your way like a tortoise every few minutes while staring at the sea of red tail lights at a standstill on the massive virtual parking lot that’s before you as far as the eye could see, you slam the driver’s wheel asking yourself “Why am I even putting […]

Enough religion! Praying for Paris won’t work!

I’ve been seeing a lot of these ‘Pray for Paris’ and ‘Pray for France’ slogans, memes, and hashtags on my social media timelines lately. I dunno. There’s something about these calls to prayer that kind of does not sit well with me. For that matter they don’t seem to fit in to the situation in […]

What Filipinos need to be told about life away from the Philippines

There’s nothing more pathetic than a voluntary immigrant constantly pining about her emotional attachment to her homeland. Yeah, I’m talking about you Shakira Sison and the emotional diarrhoea that is your Rappler article, What they don’t tell you when you leave the Philippines. If you are going to spend an entire lifetime suffering from acute […]

Laude Camp Demands Money And Visas: Typical ‘Pinoy Justice’

I remember writing an article about the Jeffrey Laude vs. Joseph Scott Pemberton case. I remember expounding on how little we actually understand the concept of justice and how the case is just another example of how Pinoy vindictiveness is confused for “justice”. Unfortunately, here we are, the latest news  about the case says everything we […]

Enlivening democracy: Filipinos should demand public DEBATE from their politicians

As I write this, this campaign season’s second Republican Debate held in Cleveland, Ohio is in full swing in the United States. The Philippines may fancy itself a poster child of American-styled “democracy”. But when it comes to putting their politicians under the right sort of scrutiny, Filipinos are nowhere up to par with their […]

Revisiting Jim Paredes’s “giving up” on the Philippines and moving to Australia in 2006

Following that whole kerfuffle between singer and die-hard Aquinoist Jim Paredes and Manila Times columnist Rigoberto ‘Bobi’ Tiglao over the question of Paredes’s citizenship, people are now curious about what is it exactly that makes Jim Paredes such a seemingly confused individual. After all, Paredes back in the 1980s already had a United States Green […]