People Should Stop Craving for “Highs”

Since drugs remain a prominent topic in the Duterte administration, let’s have a related concept as a topic of discussion: highs. Not just drug highs. Any kind of high. The rush from dopamine and other brain chemicals giving you that pleasurable or euphoric feeling that you wished lasted forever. Trying to satisfy that craving. The […]

Assault on free speech: Iceland mulling ban on internet pornography

Iceland may become the first Western democracy to ban internet pornography. reports a “strong consensus” building in the Scandinavian island nation noting mounting convincing arguments from many experts on the matter. “At the moment, we are looking at the best technical ways to achieve this. But surely if we can send a man to […]

The illusion of progress in the Philippines

Filipinos choose to measure progress from a Western perspective (mainly financial wealth and capital-intensive development). Thus a “successful” Filipino individual as measured by contemporary Filipino society fits the standard Hollywood mold — big house, party lifestyle, trendy clothes, shiny car, and flashy mobile devices. The trouble with Philippine society is that we embrace the superficial […]