Dissecting Rappler

OVERVIEW The embattled website Rappler.com have been through many issues and controversies since the dawn of the Duterte administration in the Philippines, alleged of misquoting the President, using fake photos, publishing fake news and propaganda, using questionable graphs and data, and putting various bloggers and netizens under bad light. In return, the President himself occasionally […]

Anti Martial Law activists were too slow to act against Marcos’s planned burial at the LNMB

I posted what, in my mind, was a tongue-in-cheek statement about the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr the other day that created a little buzz for a small clique of anti-Marcos advocates on Twitter. One thing I realised is that a lot of so-called “educated” members of Philippine society do not get dry […]

3 Pinoy Offensive Comedy Stereotypes That Need To Go

I remember writing an article about the way Pinoys need to change their comedy and this is more or less an extension or expansion of that article. See, besides annoying slapstick that seems more like cheap ripoffs of cartoon shows, Pinoy comedy is rife with stereotypes that would otherwise be deemed offensive in other countries […]

Why do Filipinos find rape jokes so hilarious?

The interesting thing about democracy is that it introduces inconvenient transparency to societies that adopt it as a form of government. In a democracy, the truth comes out in many ways unexpected. In the Philippines which is in the midst of election campaign fever, many such uncomfortable truths are coming out. One of them is […]

Pinoys Really Need To Develop Their Sense Of Humor

Okay, so I finally got to see the video wherein Mayor Duterte of Davao allegedly made fun of the tragic death of Jackie Hamill, the Australian missionary who was raped and killed in a prison back in 1989. I also heard more details of the tragedy and, from watching the video, hearing the man’s later statements and […]

3 Reasons We Should Stop Saying Rape Jokes In Public

Just recently, Davao Mayor and Presidential Candidate Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte received considerable flak from supporters of the other candidates as well as those from his own camp when he made a joke out of an Australian rape victim. Not long ago, as some of you may very well remember, ABS-CBN comedian Vice Ganda also made […]

Noynoy, Jojo, Bongbong: Presidents with Clown-like Names are Getting Trendy

For the first time in Philippine history, we have the strong likelihood of having three presidents in a row (Noynoy Aquino, Jojo Binay, and Bongbong Marcos) that bear something similar. They all have repetitive nicknames that sound more like those of clowns than the stuff of legendary statesmen. Many foreign visitors are actually surprised to […]

Ramon Bautista’s ‘hipon’ joke: Davao women should lighten up

What I am really curious about is what possessed comedian Ramon Bautista to insinuate that Davao women are “hipon”, slang for (I am told) women who have a nice body but a not-so-nice face. “Hipon” is Tagalog for “shrimp”. So, yeah, shrimp is the word because the head of a shrimp is discarded after the […]