On Humility: Are Filipinos humble for the right reasons?

Humility. Pagpapakumbaba in Tagalog. Such a long word for something that is supposed to signify being “humble”. It has always baffled me the way majority of Pinoys seem to define the word “humility”. The more traditional definition of humility is learning to lower one’s self in society. It means putting others ahead of oneself even if one is […]

Noynoy Says To Shun “Ampaws”

An essential album in my collection is a Miles Davis recording called Kind of Blue. The opening track called  So What. Wikipedia tell me that it is ” one of the best known examples of modal jazz, set in the Dorian mode and consisting of 16 bars of D Dorian, followed by eight bars of […]

Nothing Speaks To Pinoy Dysfunction Than These Two Pictures On This Ash Wednesday

  A wise man learns from his mistakes. Well the Philippines is not known for producing wise men let alone electing them. In fact it is the other way around. The more morally/legally deviant you are, the better chance you have of being elected . To me that speaks more to the essence of the […]

Lakers Executive Takes Page From The Noynoy Playbook

  “….we don’t get depressed. Here’s what we call our golden rule. Have faith in you and the things you do, you won’t go wrong this is our family jewel” Sister Sledge   Dr. Jerry Buss built the Lakers into one of the best run teams in professional sport. There is no more popular team […]

In the Gospel I See Noynoy Aquino

  Some of you will go to Church this Sunday. In the event you are Catholic I strongly you recommend you email this blog to your priest. Tell them they can take off having to write the sermon for Sunday. Move over Rover, let Father Gogs take over. Get Real Philippines   is my pulpit. […]