So what if the Philippines is removed from the UN Human Rights Council?

Suffice to say, the Yellowtard and Liberal Party-led opposition resorted to “pressure” from international entities early on, in the hope of weaning local support away from president Rodrigo Duterte. Among the entities that have “expressed concern” for the Duterte administration’s alleged extrajudicial killings and alleged no-basis detainment of political enemies (Leila de Lima, anyone) include: […]

Hey #CarlosConde ! Who Did You Say Was DOING LITTLE To Keep Journos Safe?

A friend warned me that calling you out on your unfair treatment of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security (PTFoMS) would encourage your meal ticket, the Human Rights Watch organization, to increase funding for your operations as its Asia Division researcher. I told them that I’ll risk it and make you appear to be […]

Human Rights Watch Utter Lack Credibility Endangers True Human Rights Vigilance

Human Rights Watch is now currently known in the Philippines as the go to organization when it comes to anti-Duterte propaganda. This is chiefly because its Asia division researcher Carlos H. Conde is rabidly anti-Duterte, claiming to have investigated the human rights violations of Duterte and the Davao Death Squad. But of what quality is […]

Human Rights Watch Researcher Carlos H. Conde’s Ignorant Report on Media Security

Human Rights Watch makes a big deal about the supposed accomplishments of their Asia division researcher Carlos Conde as a journalist by citing his 20 years experience as journalist as well as having been a stringer for New York Times and Herald Tribune. But as a “journalist” Conde failed miserably. According to Rappler and GMA […]

F U to the EU, says Duterte

So anti-Duterte Senator Leila De Lima has been ousted as the chairman of the Senate Justice Committee. Although the main reasons why De Lima’s colleagues removed the chairmanship from her were about her bias, her misuse of the Senate to advance her political vendetta against the President, and her poor handling of the investigation on […]

Two years of Aquino presidency fails to curb human rights abuses in the Philippines

Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III has so far failed to make good on his promise to supplant the Philippines’ culture of impunity by applying swift and consistent justice under his overarching “daang matuwid” (“straight-and-narrow”) campaign slogan. According to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report, “The Aquino government has not successfully prosecuted a single […]