In 2011, Hermilando Mandanas was also removed from a Committee chairmanship

Things have gotten a little exciting in the Senate after Senator Leila De Lima was removed as chairperson of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights. 16 Senators approved the motion by Senator Manny Pacquiao to remove De Lima as chair of the committee while 4 voted against it and 2 abstained. De Lima […]

Congress, the ‘biggest criminal syndicate in the Philippines’, approves terrorist #Bangsamoro Basic Law!

Clearly, the approval of the Bangsamoro Basic Law by the House Ad Hoc Committee was a case of railroading. The committee, for starters, was padded with Malacanang allies. And, not surprisingly, the “investment” paid off. CNN Philippines reports… Malacañan allies in the House of Representatives comprised the majority of the 48 votes favoring the BBL. […]

Taxpayers’ money will continue to be wasted even if Pork is spent honestly

There’s lot’s of argument surrounding the fate of the Priority Development Assistance or “Pork Barrel” Funds already flying about. Should legislators be allowed continued access to all those billions of pesos in taxpayers’ funds? The answer to that had already been settled under the really simple principle — that executives execute, and legislators legislate. Quite […]

Benjo Benaldo’s million-dollar lifestyle explains how he bagged his trophy wife

I used to wonder how an obscure former Congressman from Cagayan de Oro could bag a hot Brazilian babe like Daiana Menezes. But then after reading about his million-dollar lifestyle in a Mindanao Gold Star Daily article describing his “imeldific” lifestyle, it suddenly all made sense to me. What red-blooded female after all can resist […]

Aga Muhlach possibly scarred for life if barred from running for office

My question is: Why does Aga Muhlach want to run for Congress to begin with? What’s in it for him? Why does he want to become a politician so badly that he’d force the highly-debatable issue of his residency in Camarines Sur, the province he wants to “represent” as a lawmaker in the House of […]

Philippine Senate turns into an expensive cockpit as Enrile and Santiago continue to lock horns

It used to be that the shady world of high-level corruption among politicians was an opaque black box where public funds (taxpayers’ money) went in one end and vacuous political rhetoric and infrastructural mirages went out the other. Nowadays, that unspoken pact amongst crooks has steadily unraveled before the public eye. It started with that […]