Law-abiding Filipinos are getting sick of law-breaking Filipinos

Some of us Get Real Post writers are often criticised about the way we generalise Filipinos. Indeed, to be fair, there are hundreds of articles here that explore from every angle and at every level of depth, the country’s renowned collective criminality, its petty anti-intellectual political discourse, the routine mediocrity of Filipinos’ undertakings, and the […]

Liar’s poker #FamousSinungalingLines

Been seeing this hashtag (which literally means “famous lying lines”) on Twitter and even on Facebook lately. How timely! These are days marked by much lying. In politics, specially. But we won’t go into that. Lying in politics, after all, is such a banality. It’s a wonder people still go out and vote. Filipino voters […]

Noynoy Taking A Blowtorch To The Constitution Is Typical Of Pinoy Problem Solving

Some of you are familiar with the story of George Washington and the Cherry Tree. The short version of the story is that a six year old George Washington was so thrilled to be given a hatchet that he tried it on almost anything in the family property. The problem was he eventually got around to […]

How a PISO defined a child…

The breezy morning at the inner gnarled streets of Baclaran yielded not only bags of fresh Caimito and Singkamas but the opportunity to commute with this boy. He is Allen Nuñez, a Grade 5 student of Baclaran Central Elementary School. He was seated on the lap of a teenage-looking boy in civilian clothes, when I […]