Was 2016 really a Horrible Year, or are we just overreacting?

Some people are saying 2016 was a horrible year. In the Philippines, they base this on Rodrigo Duterte being elected and the remains (or so it seems) of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. On the world scene, Donald Trump was elected U.S. president, a mass shooting happened at a nightclub, […]

The REAL reason Marcos and Martial Law issues will remain unresolved

A discussion on Marcos and the Martial Law years inevitably results in someone making a comparison between Marcos and World War II-era Nazi Germany. Oftentimes, parallels are drawn, such as the use of propaganda, the culpability for hundreds of thousands who lost their lives, etc. Perhaps, most strikingly, the two are often put side by […]

The Obsession with Victimhood and Why It Will Never Get Us Anywhere

“Everybody’s got dead people! But it makes no excuse to letting everyone else around get killed along the way!” ~Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy As I have mentioned in a previous article, I think that it is essentially our issues with being victims that has, time and time again, led us into ruin. While I certainly […]

Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin: The Philippines’ political drama in retrospect

One of the worst and most annoying characteristics of the Filipino people is the melodramatic personality. Filipinos are so driven by drama, sometimes (if not many times) to a fault. It has hampered the rationality of Philippine society, which is evident in elections. BS Aquino III was catapulted to the presidency after the death of […]

Common Excuses Pinoys Make That Prolong Stagnation and Stupidity

I think that one of the reasons our country and our countrymen aren’t getting anywhere in terms of intellectual, economic and artistic development is because of our tendency to resort to excuses. Well, I’m not saying that I’m immune to this either. I can easily admit to the fact that I tend to make a […]

A Look Back into the Abyss: The Atrocities of World War II

World War II is probably one of the most influential events in all of human history and continues to affect the modern world even as we speak. While World War I was actually more brutal and the Cold War had much more horrifying implications, World War II is certainly the go-to point in history when people […]

Alternative Media (Part 5): Subtle But Strong Messages

Okay, here’s Part 5 of Grimwald’s Alternative Media where yours truly will recommend things that you can read, watch or play instead of destroying your brain cells with local bovine manure. So, without further ado… Schindler’s List Ah, here’s a good one. A nice, if somewhat depressing film, directed by Steven Spielberg himself and stars Liam […]

What Makes Filipinos the Perfect Slaves?

Most of us regular bloggers here attribute the problems of the Philippines to the country’s culture. For us, it’s too obvious. Our culture has customs and practices that make us do things that we better not do. Spend beyond our means, generate huge numbers of children, vote for who is popular despite their being poorly […]