Why I Think The Catholic Church In The Philippines Is Doing More Harm Than Good

The Catholic Church in the Philippines has become one of the largest institutions in our country. One can even say that it had a hand in the way our country came to be all those centuries ago when the Spanish first came to our shores. However, what I can’t help but notice is how the […]

Five Dangerous HIV/AIDS Myths That Many Filipinos Still Believe

According to the November 2015 report of the Philippine Department of Health (DOH), there are now close to 40,000 people in the country who are considered HIV positive. More than three-fourths of these cases have been due to male homosexual contact, while a little bit more than 12,000 of the total are now on treatment. […]

Public Health Advisory: HIV Outbreak In The Philippines

After reading Benign0’s latest article regarding the rise of HIV in the Philippines, I find myself both alarmed and disappointed in my own country. It’s just really sad how our government has essentially screwed its own people over without any real regard for their safety and welfare. Indeed, perhaps there really is some truth to […]

Budget for condoms scrapped by Philippine Congress even as HIV infection rates soar

There couldn’t have been a worse time for the Philippine government to axe public funding for contraceptives from the national budget. Despite the new Reproductive Health Law requiring that government health centres provide free condoms and birth control pills, the Philippines’ legislature cut funding for this provision. The original budget submitted to Congress for approval […]