Secret US cables reveal Ninoy Aquino open to supporting martial law in 1972

In his piece What Ninoy told the US about Marcos published on the Inquirer today, columnist Ambeth Ocamo reveals some interesting things the late former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr reportedly told American diplomat John Forbes. Forbes documented his conversation with Aquino in a confidential telegram sent to the US State Department on the 21st […]

Why is President Rodrigo Duterte always angry?

That’s an easy question to answer: because he was elected by an angry people. Filipinos in 2016 — coming out of six years under the rule of former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III — trooped to the voting booths full of anger over missed opportunities, great crimes that were allowed to slide, and the […]

Remembering Elias’s Legacy

There’s one fact that we Filipinos cannot accept – we are being manufactured. We are being mass-produced by this elitist society and we are not aware of it. Why? Because we chose to ignore the rays of understanding that we could have if we took off the shadow of ignorance that conceals us from reality. Over […]

Marcos’s burial at the LNMB proves a point: His ouster in 1986 was against the law

There are people wondering why there is such a strong push to have the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB). Perhaps these people need to approach that question from the perspective of the “other side”. If you were one of the Marcoses, wouldn’t you want former President […]

Filipinos need to face a Duterte presidency LIKE MEN rather than be all girly about it

A tweet issued yesterday by Inquirer columnist Dax Lucas resonated loudly across the Philippines’ Netizens: The country’s so-called enlightened class in near panic over the prospects of a Duterte presidency. What a fascinating sight to behold. Indeed, the elegant simplicity of this tweet hit me hard too and, finally, how I really feel about these […]

The folly in Pag May Laya May Nilaga

The trouble with the Philippines is that it hinged all of its aspirations on one thing: being a “free” and “democratic” society. Thus, on that idea, was built the flawed notion that freedom under a democracy was the one and only key to national prosperity. And so out of that was bred the ideas that […]

Why the #NeverAgain slogan reflects Filipinos’ total failure of imagination

The onus on building a clear vision of what lies ahead for the Philippines during the euphoric months following the 1986 “People Power” EDSA “revolution” was on the victors. What did we get instead? Nothing more than a vacuous excuse of a roadmap to prosperity. The Yellow emotionalist rhetoric that dominated the national political “debate” […]