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The Other side of the Marcos Myth

Again, the 1972 Martial Law anniversary is here and we likely have people attacking the so-called Marcos Myth. The late dictator Ferdinand Marcos is no war hero, there’s no secret gold that made him rich, etc. However, there’s still another part of the Marcos Myth that needs busting. One that would usually escape the Filipino’s […]

About Heroes, Superheroes and the Filipino View of them

Superheroes are all the rage now, and with so many movies coming out from comic book companies, it might be relevant to take a look back and see, where did superheroes originate? We would say Batman, Superman and Captain America would have taken some elements from ancient and medieval heroes, like Hercules, Gilgamesh and King […]

McHeroes: Filipinos need to cure their addiction to disaster heroism

As what usually happens following another disaster, another tragedy, another “accident”, or another crisis, “heroism” is, yet again, the word of the month. Heroes are currently at work delivering relief, comforting the victims, counseling the hapless, and inspiring the desperate. We are told these “heroes” are also facing the “great battles ahead”. Presumably those “battles” […]