Senator Cynthia Villar is correct: Eating too much rice is bad for the health

Philippine Senator Cynthia Villar drew some flak for suggesting that Filipinos limit their rice consumption. She thinks banning “unlimited rice” (or “unli-rice”) offerings in restaurants would be a good start. It was a preposterous idea, some say. “Who is she to tell us how much rice we eat?”, others asked in disgust. Then there were […]

Publice Service Announcement: 3 Safety Tips For This Summer

It’s the last week of April and we’re only halfway through the summer. Indeed, according to statistics, this year’s summer is one of the hottest on record and our problems with searing heat and dusty drought are far from over. However, there are ways you can minimize the more negative impacts of the summer. After all, […]

The Filipino’s Self-destructive Appetite for Junk

The age-old adage “garbage in, garbage out” rings out in every Introductory Computer Programming class across the nation. Yet the Filipino, narrow-minded as he is, is unable to apply the same logic to his very own everyday life. There is a covert conspiracy with the major players of the economy in cahoots to siphon from the common […]

Jam Sebastian’s cancer battle: What happens when social media stars ail?

It’s sad seeing the ravages of cancer unfolding before your very eyes. That is what we’ve been getting a bit of lately as social media star Jamvhille “Jam” Sebastian shares his battle with Stage 4 lung cancer via his Facebook page with his millions of followers. Sebastian along with girlfriend Paolinne Michelle Liggayu form the […]

Huwag Ipawalang-Bahala ang Pagbabakuna!

(Author’s note: This article is a translation of a previous essay I wrote entitled “Anti-Vaxxers: A Dangerous Trend the Philippines Needs to Avoid.” I found it convenient to write this version so as to have a wider reach, and to have more people be aware of an emerging dangerous trend. As with the vaccines themselves, […]

Does the ‘best before’ date in food cause unnecessary waste?

According to a Reuters report it just may; so much so that the European Union may be mulling scrapping the warning altogether. A use by date is applied if there is a health risk in eating food after that date, whereas a best before date is more about quality – when it expires it does […]

Anti-Vaxxers: A Dangerous Trend the Philippines Needs to Avoid

Parents only want the best for their child, be it as general as a good environment to grow up in or as specific as health. I grew up knowing that quite a number of deadly diseases could easily be cured through vaccination. Granted the means of delivering the vaccine are scary (children always cringe at […]

Prescribed Corruption

Let me start off with a joke taken from the book Bad Medicine: The Prescription Drug Industry in the Third World by Silverman, Lydecker, and Lee. I changed it a little bit to make the political issues more appropriate for this article but nevertheless, the message remains the same as it describes the magnitude of […]