This year’s CBCP Halloween stunt: ‘A Night of Horror during Duterte’s Time’

It is quite laughable the way Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David in her opinion piece today trumpets the role of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in “leading” yet another political stunt (disguised as a religious “mourning” ritual) in the lead up to the Day of the Dead this November. She writes referring to […]

The Philippine Mainstream Media Vs. The Filipino People’s Self-Worth

I’ve already said what I needed to say about over-romanticism in mainstream Philippine media. Many times over in fact, now that I have time to recall. ChinoF, in his article here, even points out how the mainstream media is (often subtly but sometimes insultingly overtly) trying to convince its audiences that they aren’t beautiful (even […]

Alternative Media 17: The Witch (A Must-See Horror Flick For This Halloween)

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s October and we are just days away from good ol’ Halloween. Truth be told, as a matter of my family’s tradition, I never go out of my way to prepare early for Christmas. I tend to think of each year as a cycle of sorts and my year simply doesn’t […]

The Santo Nino Of Innocencia: A Horror Story

The following is another of my lame attempts at writing horror fiction here in GRP. To be honest, I decided a while to refrain or limit writing any fiction here as it might not exactly be appropriate for what everyone here is trying to create. However, given the reaction of some people to Ms. Ilda’s article […]

Alternative Media (Part 12): Needful Things

Well ladies and gentlemen, Halloween is fast on the approach and, after that, will be Christmas again. Before Yuletide season comes along though and floods us with problems like providing gifts for our godchildren, putting up our Christmas lights without getting electrocuted for our troubles and finding legally sold fireworks though, I’d first like to […]

On Halloween And The Day Of The Dead

“Things always get worse before they get better, master Bruce.” ~Alfred Pennyworth, The Dark Knight Well, as I’ve said in my previous article, it’s only just September and, already, people are hanging Christmas decorations and Christmas songs have begun flooding the airwaves. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas as much as the next guy. […]

A Sermon On Premature Christmas Decorating And The Day Of The Dead

Before I begin, I would like to make mention of a film I watched a decade back. It was a made-for-TV entitled Christmas Everyday. In the movie a young boy was forever trapped in a loop of Christmas Day. He would go to sleep at night and wake up to the same Christmas Morning the next […]

Cosmic Horror And The Philippines: Are They Incompatible?

I am a big lover of horror stories. Even as a young boy, I was always fascinated by stories of ghouls and goblins. During the Halloween season, I was both excited and fearful when the evening news featured some interesting horror stories. However, while I was, still am and probably always will be a fan […]