Do Filipinos require guns perpetually pointed at their heads?

The purpose of which, of course, is to keep them in line. If Filipinos had not devolved into a generally unruly group of people, I might not have even considered this thought. Now it becomes debatable. If you ask both the irate pedestrian and the jeepney driver he shot, you would get two different answers. […]

Why Simple Solutions Won’t Work In The Philippines

After a brief discussion with some of my friends, we considered the idea that what if we allowed common Filipino citizens to carry guns the same way that Americans do, the “right to bear arms”, so to speak. One commenter here on GRP even mentioned it, if I remember correctly. The discussion went around for a […]

Race Card on the table as America reels from consecutive police ‘brutality’ cases

Coming in the heels of the recent street riots that erupted over the failure to indict of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson who gunned down Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager who happened to be black, another grand jury voted not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, a New York Police Department (NYPD) police officer accused of fatally […]

Colegio de San Agustin road rage! Is the Philippines home to a decent society?

We make one big assumption whenever we express indignation and outrage over the instances of banal injustice that make regular news fodder in the Philippines — that ours is a “decent” society. But step back and ask a more fundamental question: Is Philippine society really a decent one? Just now I spied a recent post […]

Mystery shrouds viral photo depicting gunmen seemingly attacking an SUV along EDSA!

A photo showing gunmen seemingly attacking an SUV along EDSA is making the rounds on social media. The Philippine Star reports… The photos showed three vehicles and a motorcycle surrounding the SUV, and men supposedly pointing guns at it. The witness, who was not identified by Yahoo News, reported that the incident happened at 2:45 […]

Benjo Benaldo’s million-dollar lifestyle explains how he bagged his trophy wife

I used to wonder how an obscure former Congressman from Cagayan de Oro could bag a hot Brazilian babe like Daiana Menezes. But then after reading about his million-dollar lifestyle in a Mindanao Gold Star Daily article describing his “imeldific” lifestyle, it suddenly all made sense to me. What red-blooded female after all can resist […]

It’s more gun in the Philippines!

Funny, I always thought it was national snack chicharon, a renowned tolerance for obvious road killers like jeepneys, the corrosive lead-laced gaseous mix that passes off for air in their capital city, toxic in-laws, and their aversion to exercise that kills the most Fillipinos. All true, perhaps. But the biggest challenge to Filipinos living to […]