Cebu’s Gwen Garcia vs Tarlac’s Noynoy Aquino: starting 2013 with another circus!

As Malacañang would have us believe, Gwendolyn Garcia is a very bad person — bad enough to be summarily suspended from her her position as duly-elected Governor of Cebu for a period of six months. That is enough time for the 2013 elections to come to pass with Cebu under the watch of now “acting […]

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia in showdown with Aquino government

What is happening in Cebu? Apparently there is some sort of a lockdown going on complete with riot police and wire barricades in front of the governor’s office. Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia has locked herself in her office and been there for a few days now in defiance of the suspension order served to her […]