Kris Aquino on an UNFOLLOW rampage versus #PNoy critics!

So now we know why PNoy’s social media fans behave the way they do. When they see or read something on the Net they disagree with, they unfollow or even “block” the person who published or re-shared/retweeted it. That is what Kris Aquino did as well after she felt “offended” by “friends” who she found […]

Is PNoy a real ‘chicks boy’ or is it all just an overcompensation?

So it comes down yet again to that age-old question: Does being a “chicks boy” validate a guy’s sexual orientation? In one wedding I’ve been to, the underlying theme of the toast speech of the best man was about how the groom’s “chick-boy” ways were supposedly “tamed” after meeting his future wife. Way before that, […]

Filipinos: like a ship lost at sea searching for a beacon

Introduction  When I visited Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia last year, I saw a banner run across the two Petronas towers with the following words in Malay on it: Daulat Tuanku  As soon as I could, I searched on Google what this phrase means. It is more or less the Malay equivalent of the English expression […]

Will the North Korea missile test be another Aquino failure to launch?

The United States, Japan, South Korea, and other nations in the East and Southeast Asia region are recently showing increased concern for the scheduled missile test that North Korea is planning in the middle of April. The situation is a lot more complicated than it seems. North Korea has planned a series of events, which […]

Malacañang breathes down neck of Karen Jimeno

Poor Malacañang, again caught grasping at straws as they pick on the intriguing past of Karen Jimeno who is the star spokesman of the defense team in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona. In a “report” issued by ABS-CBN News yesterday, Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte haughtily announces Malacañang’s looking forward to Jimeno’s […]

Grace Lee: In love? Or another PNoy spokesperson?

Philippine television host and radio disc jockey, Grace Lee has been gracing the headline reports of major media networks lately. The Korean expatriate has been thrust further into the limelight after President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) admitted that they are “seeing each other”. Despite the age and racial difference, Lee willingly spoke about the status of […]

China Post: ‘balding bespectacled president’ dating again

Reported on the today: Confirmation that the balding, bespectacled president was dating again came after he said last year that the fizz had gone out of his love-life, describing it as going from “Coke regular” to “Coke zero.” Aquino said then that he was resigned to the idea of staying single until his term […]

PNoy confirms he is dating TV host Grace Lee

Philippine President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III has confirmed Wednesday (the 1st February) that he is dating television host Grace Lee. This followed what just a few days earlier were reported “rumours” of a date Lee went on with the President which she “clarified” on the television news show Balitanghali… “Wala pa akong nirerelease na (I […]