Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly circus reveals underlying hypocrisy of Big Media

A controversial tweet from a fan of top contender for Republican Party presidential nomination Donald Trump depicting Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly in a meme and calling her a “bimbo” has gone viral. The meme features photos of Kelly posing provocatively in a small black dress and high heels. The meme included the captions “Criticizes […]

Why Americans are embracing Donald Trump’s view of the world

Donald Trump is on a war path against political correctness. And America is increasingly behind him as he leads the charge to take the beachhead. US media reportedly does not know what to do about Trump. It covers him because he delivers the all-important ratings their shareholders salivate over yet, in doing so, the industry […]

Enlivening democracy: Filipinos should demand public DEBATE from their politicians

As I write this, this campaign season’s second Republican Debate held in Cleveland, Ohio is in full swing in the United States. The Philippines may fancy itself a poster child of American-styled “democracy”. But when it comes to putting their politicians under the right sort of scrutiny, Filipinos are nowhere up to par with their […]