Senator Joker Arroyo warns God’s Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno on claims to infallibility

Just less than a month in office, newly-appointed Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno is already coming across as the beleaguered hapless “servant” that she pitches herself as. She should’ve been careful of what she wished for when she invoked the imagery of the martyr-like divinely-appointed “humble servant” that she used to pitch herself […]

It is God’s will that Lourdes Sereno is the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court

It’s a sign of things to come as far as how newly-minted Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno may be shaping the judiciary over the next 18 years she will be leading it. Defending her appointment against critics, Sereno reportedly said that “it was God’s will, not politics that put her in that position”. What […]