Filipino labour force not up to par: Philippines ready to host foreign workers

The Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is reportedly considering opening the country to foreign workers. A list of occupations for which there is a “shortage” of local people qualified to fill has been released by the DOLE… Architect Chemical Engineer Chemist Environmental Planner Fisheries Technologist Geologist – Geophysicist, petrogeochemist, petrophysicist, micropaleontologist, engineering geologist […]

President Noynoy Aquino may have a good reason for giving a no-go to charter change!

In a pre-emptive strike on the whole discussion around ‘charter change’ that is likely to come up after the opening of the 16th Congress in July, President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III issued his two cents on the matter of foreign ownership of land in the Philippines. “I don’t think they are necessary detriment to […]

Alienation and Estrangement: In Defense of Humanism

  In 1844, a young German philosopher wrote a book entitled “The Philosophic and Economic Manuscripts”. The said writer is no other than Karl Marx. In that work, Marx begun to examine, analyze and scrutinize the concept of alienation (entausserung). The other term that he used is estrangement (entfremdung). Marx’s central thesis is that: The […]

Lack of thinking and arrogant attitudes are the Philippines’ undoing

In the Philippines, there are many people who claim to have a monopoly on great ideas. They claim to know what is good for you and everyone else. Some of them get very impatient about bringing their ideas into “action”. These people also think that their ideas are superior to other people’s ideas. They quickly […]

Businessweek’s business of talking up the Philippine economy

With growth in big developed economies all but flatlining, what do firms — investment banks and securities trading houses — whose entire business models hinge upon “growth” ad infinitum turn to? Where else but to ever more volatile and unreliable “emerging markets”. The Philippines is in one of these arbitrary lists of “emerging” economies — […]

Repatriation of workers should match a repatriation of jobs

The lessons learnt from outsourcing was long in coming. “Cheap” manufacturing meant taking “cost” advantage of foreign exchange and purchasing power disparities between rich nations and poor ones. And the low costs that were outcomes of these arrangements were bandied as “efficiency gains” in the home market despite no real operating efficiencies being actually realised […]

Counter-intuitive solutions to fixing the Philippine economy

I remain convinced that America’s immense creative and commercial energy will shine through whatever social order is imposed on it; much the same way as the might of Chinese entrepeneurial and industrial ethic managed to thrive in the repressive communist regime of the mainland as well as in even most the dysfunctional and corrupt governments […]

Philippines forced to open market to imported liquor

Apparently the Philippines has a USD3 billion market for liquor which the United States and European Union are salivating over. Now under a ruling by the Geneva-based World Trade Organisation, the Philippines will be forced to lower taxes on imported liquor. Before the ruling, local distillers enjoyed a tax regime favourable to them even as […]