Homosexuality and Global Warming: Are they Science-based or Something Else?

Nothing is quite as amusing as waking up to the curses, insults, and angry voices from the uber-liberals reacting to a piece that challenges the narrative they hold sacred. Good Lord, the angry voices of these folks do sound like a bunch of jackals with hemorrhoids! So what did I do now? Ah yes, I […]

Grace Poe’s energy plan reveals why she is a mere vacuous parrot

So Grace Poe-Llamanzares (GPL) has vowed to put a cap on coal in our energy mix should she become President. Of course this vow is all in the name of environmentalism, the fight against Climate Change or Global Warming, and our country’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. While it is important to be mindful of […]

Who Among the 2016 Candidates will Prioritize Climate Issues?

Clearly my most recent article hit a delicate nerve (or to put it colloquially, “aimed for the butthurt”), as revealed by the numerous replies left by visitors who took the time to skim through it. Most of the comments have only proven my point: instead of rebutting the various other points which I offered in […]

Climate change activism: mere farts in the wind

Another United Nations (UN) climate summit, another bunch of promises. Has the UN really been an effective body in efforts to mitigate the worst of humanity’s many scourges that Planet Earth suffers? Considering that China is, today, the single biggest producer of “greenhouse gases”, the role the UN plays in an effort to curb emissions […]

Methane gas: an environmental holocaust

Global warming is a natural phenomenon brought about by human activities and biological processes. Under normal conditions, plants and animals, including humans are capable of adapting to the environmental changes. However, global warming at it’s present rate is aggravated by the release of a great amount of “GREENHOUSE” gases into the atmosphere which forms an […]

Earth Hour 2012: the scam continues…

How many times in history have we embraced new technologies and the sales pitches that came along with them only to discover completely unexpected consequences that came (to be fair, along with the leaps in efficiency and seismic shifts in socio-economic paradigms) with them? Computers have not created the “paperless” office, nor eliminated time-wasting meetings […]

Miss Earth links global warming to Philippine earthquake

According to 2010 Miss Earth Nicole Faria who is from India, there apparently is some kind of link between “global warming” and the Earth’s continental plate tectonics. This it seems was a conclusion she arrived at after she felt a tremor while in her hotel room shortly after arriving in Manila… “I got scared at […]