Death of The General Lee: But what’s the big deal about the Confederate flag?

Warner Brothers, owners of the iconic Dukes of Hazzard franchise has reportedly terminated the licensing of “General Lee” toys. This follows a recent shooting incident in the US state of South Carolina in which nine African Americans were gunned down in a church by white gunman Dylann Roof. The Dukes of Hazzard aired on the […]

A Look Back into the Abyss: The Rwandan Genocide

There has been much talk about the Aquino family’s “achievements” with some going on and on about how the EDSA Revolution, the so-called “Bloodless Revolution” given power through “People Power”. Well let me tell you now that the more I think about it and compare it with the history of the rest of the world, […]

The final solution to Pinoy stupidity

Die Endlösung der Pinoy Dummheit. Is it just me, or does everything sound just that much more intimidating, menacing, or daunting in German? For those who don’t get the reference, the Nazis dubbed the plan of systematic execution of the Jews the final solution to the Jewish question – “die Endlösung der Judenfrage”. Right from […]