Social Media and Big Telco emerge as Filipino heroes

In another one of its infomercial articles that it would like to pass off to the average sucker as a news “report”, ABS-CBN trumpeted another one of those dubious “achievements” Filipinos owe mainly to their enormous population — our undisputed place in the global scheme of things as the “social media capital of the world”. […]

Typhoons reveal Filipinos are living in a dump

Do Filipinos love their country? If one were to try and answer that question simply by looking around his surroundings, one can be forgiven for thinking that no, most Filipinos do not love their country. For all the arrogance and chest thumping we see amidst shouting with pride of statements like, “Filipinos are the best!” […]

Is garbage really a problem or an opportunity?

Garbage has become a huge social and environmental problem to almost all the people in the modern world. Every day, millions of tons of garbage is stockpiled throughout the world, and strategies for its utilization had been laid down, in the sense according to economic principles of how to make profit with as small expenditure […]

Baguio City: Ruined by ‘Pinoy’ Mentality

I love Baguio; I was born here, I grew up here, and if circumstances dictate I might probably die here as well. I’m pretty much happy that I live in a City where the air is cool, the food is cheap and the people are still friendly. Ultimately, its allure as a mountain city would […]