Entrenched thievery: The Philippines remains home to institutionalised money laundering

In an era that has seen the demise in just a couple of decades of the legendary secrecy that shrouded Swiss banking and the shadowy transactions of its princely clients, the Philippines stubbornly persists as a blight to global banking transparency thanks to its infamously outdated bank secrecy laws. Certainly it comes as no surprise […]

Spectre of Bribery Subtlety Casts A Shadow On The World Cup

For once I am going to talk about corruption not orchestrated by a bald, non-achieving ringmaster. Actually it is much bigger than that. I really was tempted to write a bit on local bandwagon fans delusions about the Azkals but the football festival that snubbed them takes priority. For starters a recent article in the […]

Philippines: 16th largest economy by 2050? Here’s the truth!

Ugh…if I see another news headline comparing the Philippines to some kind of animal, I might just get physically sick. “Asian Tiger Economy of the World”; “The dark horse of the region”. Speaking of being sick, at least one headline referred to the Philippines as the “healthy man of Asia” as opposed to the perennial […]