Are Western Europeans fed up with Muslim immigration? #JeSuisCharlie

Is Europe now suffering from years of misguided (albeit, possibly in hindsight) immigration policy? It seems the notion is catching fire across the Continent. The outrage being exhibited by crowds that have gathered across European cities to express solidarity with the 12 people killed in a brutal Islamist attack on the office of French satire […]

Will global ‘outrage’ over jailed Al Jazeera journalists turn into CONCRETE action?

Global outrage has erupted over the harsh prison sentences meted out to Al Jazeera journalists Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy, and Baher Mohamed last Monday. The three were successfully prosecuted in an Egyptian court for allegedly “undermining” Egypt’s “national security” supposedly by supplying false news and aiding terrorist movements deemed threats to the Egyptian government. Being […]

Filipinos should learn to question authority intelligently

Intelligent people can be the worst teachers. They tend to be impatient with their students. This is because they assume that the students will understand what they are trying to say on their first attempt at explaining something. Because it is easy for them to understand things, it can be hard for intelligent people to […]

#TwitterIsBlockedInTurkey: Turkish PM Erdogan mirrors PNoy style

Hours following an announcement by its prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey has blocked its citizens’ access to Twitter last night. At his campaign rally in Bursa on the 20th of March, Erdoğan announced “We now have a court order. We’ll eradicate Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the […]

President Noynoy Aquino’s extensive history of suppressing the Truth

My colleague Paul Farol, on the mark in his usual form, had earlier cited what is likely the most recent case of the underhanded manner with which the administration of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III deals with revealing information circulating amongst its constituents. An article published by Francisco S. Tatad earlier this week […]

Outrage erupts as Singapore implements licensing for Net news sites!

The new licensing scheme will require sites with a defined volume of content relating to Singaporean news and current affairs to be issued a license to operate following notification from Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA). Under the licensing framework, online news sites will be individually licensed if they (i) report an average of at least […]

An Unconstitutional Law: A Discourse on the Cybercrime Law

I refer to the burning issue of the day that concerns our society as a whole. This pertains to the new measure enacted by the Legislative and signed into law by the Chief Executive. I am specifically referring to RA 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. I overwhelmingly concur with the contention advanced by […]

Fr Joaquin Bernas weighs in on Article 133 on top of a flawed assumption

Interesting point revered “constitutionalist” Father Joaquin Bernas makes as he weighs in on the subject of Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code (RPC)… […] Article 133 also raises an intriguing question: When a priest or bishop castigates or consigns to the netherworld those who oppose the Reproductive Health Law in a sermon before a […]