Why Dan Brown and his description of Manila in ‘Inferno’ is relevant to Filipinos

Since the conclusion of this year’s Fiesta Election, a palpable void has been left. What now? What is the Next Big Issue to pump our fists in the air for? One realises in hindsight how little substance there was in much of the noise and colour that erupted during the campaign leading up to the […]

MMDA is living on a prayer instead of thinking about solving EDSA’s traffic problems

It seems Filipino public servants are incapable of thinking outside the square when it comes to addressing the problems that plague the nation. Most of them rely on prayer to solve issues rather than apply science and technology — an approach that could actually yield permanent solutions. Take the case of the Chairman for Metro […]

MMDA EDSA blessing: Did the holy water evaporate before it hit the pavement?

I see these poignant prayers on Twitter every now and then. “God willing it won’t be traffic [sic] on Edsa today”. I’m pretty sure such prayers are uttered at least once per 1.3 person per day by the average EDSA motorist. That translates to hundreds of thousands of such prayer said each year in beseeching […]