Why coal-minded Duterte is on the wrong side of history

In about 4 billion years from now, the Sun will leave the main sequence and will evolve into a Red Giant. While this stellar evolution is a spectacular cosmic phenomenon, it marks as well the complete annihilation of life on Earth. But long before that, in only about half a billion years, “the Sun gets […]

Karma may be a bitch but it is not an itch

The trouble with the concept of karma is that it is a notion based on the assumption that nature owes humanity something. When we put faith in the notion that karma will catch up with someone who has wronged us, we hinge that faith on the belief that “justice” is some kind of natural order […]

It’s more hot in the #Philippines!

Literally. And this heat is attracting a lot of political heat as well. It is one of the biggest ‘concerns’ aired by the recent set of high-profile senatorial jailbirds about their new accomodations in Camp Crame. A lack of airconditioning to alleviate the oppressive heat there is finally getting a bit of air time (pardon […]

Are the obvious solutions to the Philippines’ problems feasible?

I keep reading about people proposing sensible and obvious things to combat the biggest problems we face today, like controlling (and maybe even reducing) population, reducing carbon emissions, and voting for the best leader. All sounds like the ‘intelligent’ things to do, don’t they? But all that is just asking too much when you consider […]

Earth Hour 2012: the scam continues…

How many times in history have we embraced new technologies and the sales pitches that came along with them only to discover completely unexpected consequences that came (to be fair, along with the leaps in efficiency and seismic shifts in socio-economic paradigms) with them? Computers have not created the “paperless” office, nor eliminated time-wasting meetings […]