Why I Think ‘Nice’ No Longer Works For Filipinos

So, did you think the match was over? Did you think that I just had three scathing articles to offers? Well, guess what. It’s far from over. Believe me, I’m just getting started and you ain’t seen nothing yet. There’s a lot more where my last three articles came from and we’re barely even done with the introductions! So, […]

Denial Syndrome: The Pinoy Big Problem

So far, three major issues are being discussed just about everywhere right now: There’s Lea Salonga’s tweet about the apparent lack of freedom in the Philippines which is discussed by these articles. Then there’s the housing and squatter problem in Manila as depicted by a certain aerial photograph and this article here by Benign0 analyzes […]

Filipinos’ habitual cry: ‘SAVE ME!’

Save Mary Jane Veloso! Save Baguio City! Save the Pasig River! Save Boracay! It’s pathetic. Filipinos are always looking for a higher or wealthier power to “save” their wretched lot. The pattern has been set and the consistency now world-renowned. After abject neglect, wanton partying or sitting on their asses for years, or all of […]

Comparing Singapore and the Philippines? Why bother?

Any Filipino leader comparing oneself to Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew should just stop. And not just out of respect for the deceased. In 2010, a certain group of businessmen, the Anvil Business Club claimed current Philippine president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino is like Lee in the sense that they are both incorruptible. That hasn’t turned […]

If Filipinos can’t produce results, the least they can come up with is DIRECTION

The din of chatter and news releases about this and that crime suspect, presidential candidate, disaster relief effort, international territory dispute, plus the loud non-stop melodramatic rationalisations issued by a who’s-who of crooked politicians and their lackeys is so loud and pervasive that you could be forgiven for thinking that the Philippines is a hive […]