Can LeBron Really Relieve The Most Tortured City In Sports?

“Cleveland, city of light , city of magic” Randy Newman “Burn On” The opening song to Major League (1989)         I have no doubt that Pinoys know NBA basketball. I do doubt that many understand why “The Return” really is a big deal for the city of Cleveland. In the Philippines the […]

The US Made It Out Of The Group Of Death A Testament To Leftovers Achieving

The Group of Death is not a Bruce Lee movie. Actually the “Group of Death ” is just as arbitrary as the INC claiming that they built the “World’s Largest Dome Arena“.  The title Group of Death in the context of the FIFA World Cup is a indeed a subjective label but here Bleacher Report […]

Dutch airline KLM in hot water over ‘racist’ tweet vs Mexico World Cup team

What was supposed to be a witty swipe at the Mexican World Cup team on Twitter by Dutch flag carrier Royal Ducth Airlines (KLM) became the subject of an online indignation campaign that forced the airline to delete the tweet. Mexico had lost to the Dutch earlier and is out of the match. Noted social […]

Michael Sam Is Gay And Got Drafted By The Rams Now What Is Next?

Anybody who has followed my rants over the years knows I am irked by people jumping on the bandwagon. Because the bandwagon expects entitlement to the world they are intruding. They act like they own the place. I said as much when Pinoys who know little about soccer were shocked at unruly Hong Kong fans. […]

Can sport unite Filipinos?

Why are Filipinos not even good at sport? It seems like our athletes had been waved a red flag one day and then simply gave up on trying to achieve world-class status on all types of sport — I know, I know, aside from boxing, of course. A sport is commonly defined as an organized, […]

That Ain’t No Way To Have Fun says the Azkals fans

Open up the window Let some air into this room I think I’m almost chokin’ From the smell of stale perfume And that cigarette you’re smoking ‘Bout scared me half to death Open up the window, sucker Let me catch my breath Mama told me not to come Mama told me not to come She […]

Filipinos tops in NBA armchair sportscasting over Twitter

Suddenly it all makes sense to me. Sorry I’m kinda slow when it comes to sports trivia. So Erik Spoelstra, coach of the NBA team Miami Heat is a Filipino-American. Kaya pala. According to a Philippine Star report, Filipinos have been so enthralled by the NBA finals in which Heat is up against Oklahoma City […]

A pathetic accounting of Filipino achievements in 2010 by the Inquirer editor

Having just finished an article indicting the ho-hum tradition of hacks issuing corny messages of “hope” that the Filipino can latch on to every time old gives way to new year, where else but in the do we find the mother of all cliché New Year messages. The article “reviewed” the year that just […]