The Filipino’s Self-destructive Appetite for Junk

The age-old adage “garbage in, garbage out” rings out in every Introductory Computer Programming class across the nation. Yet the Filipino, narrow-minded as he is, is unable to apply the same logic to his very own everyday life. There is a covert conspiracy with the major players of the economy in cahoots to siphon from the common […]

The 4th of July Captain America and Junk Food

I have lots to do today but some mysterious force compels me to spend a few minutes recognizing the 4th of July celebration in the US. I have no problem admitting I was alive when the US turned 200. To this day I was traumatized by how cheesy I found this Twinkie ad. Check out […]

Does the ‘best before’ date in food cause unnecessary waste?

According to a Reuters report it just may; so much so that the European Union may be mulling scrapping the warning altogether. A use by date is applied if there is a health risk in eating food after that date, whereas a best before date is more about quality – when it expires it does […]

Expo 2015 and Filipino Food: An Opportunity Slowly Slipping Away

A lot has already been said recently about Filipino food and how the world reacts to it, so I won’t be covering much of that issue here. What matters I suppose is that, in spite of what foreigners think of our local delicacies, we have an opportunity to show the world that our food has […]

Why some foreigners would rather go hungry than eat Filipino food

I love Filipino food!!! I never get tired of eating adobo. The taste is so primal because I just think it satisfies every human being’s craving for protein and salt – those two key ingredients that help keep our bodies from malfunctioning. For me, Adobo is one of those dishes that make you want to […]

Our Food Tells Something About Our Society

Filipino butthurt again raged over an article titled “I would rather go hungry than eat Filipino food again,” where a tourist described her experience trying various types of Filipino food. The tourist’s opinions focused on some negative aspects (of course she would, she got sick), and that invited butthurt reactions from Filipino commenters. Many pointed […]

Debunking the Singaporean Laksa

Before the Laksa goes by the way of “chopsuey”, I would like to say my piece that I myself had been deceived that the origins of the Laksa (A rich and spicy noodle soup supposedly of Peranakan origins) came by way of Singapore and to the world. It did not come as a surprise, that […]

Thirsty Thursdays at NYC

It is a hot and humid Thursday afternoon and I’m feeling very thirsty. Living in the suburbs has its disadvantages, especially for one who has lived in the city most of his life. On a similar Thirsty Thursday I got a welcome call from a friend named Allan a few weeks ago to try one […]