Ambiguity and lack of intent – creative devices lost on Pinoys

For all the exposure that da Pinoys have to not only Western culture, but other Asian cultures, you would think that some of their more creative aspects, such as literary devices, would have rubbed off on them. Yet no, there remains a sizable part of the Pinoy population who remain imprisoned by their “heritage of […]

Does avowed atheist Red Tani BELIEVE or KNOW something about Renato Corona’s personal wealth?

I posed a simple question to avowed ‘atheist’ Red Tani of the group Filipino Freethinkers (FFT) after checking out a rather quaint cartoon he drew that implies speculation about the personal wealth of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona who currently stands on trial before a Senate impeachment court. My question to Tani was this: […]

Has atheism become nothing more than the latest fashion statement?

Religion is a favourite topic of mine. I find pleasure in pointing out the wonderful variety of paradoxes, incoherent constructs, and logical conundrums that tend to reveal themselves quite easily when using religious dogma and doctrine as building blocks for developing one’s thinking. An example is how one can piece together two fundamental Catholic beliefs […]