Ditch the old Aquino-vs-Marcos rhetoric: Time for the Philippines to move on!

I was in one of the high rise buildings in Ortigas and looking out of the window, could see that the volume of vehicles was again too much for the four-lane two-way traffic road. It was bumper-to-bumper traffic both ways. At one intersection, a gray Toyota Camry from the two-lane heading north was slowly attempting […]

Social media celeb John Ortiz Teope gets on the #GilasPilipinas racist bandwagon!

Tsk tsk. We continue wonder whether Pinoy-style basketball really brings out best the best in Filipinos if even “respected” social media personalities engage in low-brow racist sports fan rhetoric. Dr. Rodolfo “John” Ortiz Teope, PhD, EdD, DSD, DES is National President of the First Philippine Pro-Democracy Foundation, Inc and is host of the online video […]

Filipinos stink

Something has been bothering me these past few days. Something smelled quite fishy, but I couldn’t quite put a bead on it. The words to describe it had been escaping me. Then it just hit me: Filipinos stink. In more ways than one. They showed this more than ever just recently, if you saw how […]

A proposal for our politicians: donate pork barrel, help send Filipino fans to Spain for FIBA 2014

First things first. I think congratulations are in order for the Philippine National Team in this year’s FIBA Asia championships. Last night they beat South Korea 86-79, and thus clinched a sure spot in the 2014 FIBA World Cup to be held in Spain. A little bit of background for the not-so basketball fans: for […]

Why A Smart Gilas Win Means Nothing To Me

  We got smilin’ politicians (It ain’t nothin’ to me) Got songs from rich musicians (It ain’t nothin’ to me) Called Tokyo long distance And the queen came for tea Might mean somethin’ to you (It ain’t nothin’ to me) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers “It Ain’t Nothin’ To Me ”     As you can […]