The Real Reason for Pinoy “Inferiority Complex”

The topic of the Filipino “inferiority complex” has been mentioned by many as a core cause of Philippine society’s backwardness. Many writing about it would call it a legacy of the colonizers, who supposedly implanted this belief in us to make sure we don’t advance as a society. I have a different idea. My mom […]

Alternative Media 17: The Witch (A Must-See Horror Flick For This Halloween)

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s October and we are just days away from good ol’ Halloween. Truth be told, as a matter of my family’s tradition, I never go out of my way to prepare early for Christmas. I tend to think of each year as a cycle of sorts and my year simply doesn’t […]

Blame It On Yaya

Let’s admit it. We’re soft. By we, I am talking about us urban middle class and upper-middle class Filipinos. There are many reasons for this, all imbedded in Philippine culture. I submit some obvious ones for your consideration: 1) Growing up with maids – From birth, we have relied on our poorer countrymen to literally […]

Filipinos Who Changed Citizenship Still Have a Say on their Homeland

The OFW phenomenon has yielded some complicated situations. For example, there are Filipinos who have renounced their citizenship and become citizens of other countries. Yet they share some views and criticisms about their home countries. Other Filipinos brand them as traitors, because they have left their country for a better life and supposedly abandoning their […]

3 Infuriating Myths About Family Life In The Philippines And Why They Need To Go

It looks like multiple contributors, commenters, readers and hapless bystanders are having a field day regarding the recent articles about HIV, the RH bill, contraception and, most importantly, sex. In that case, here’s a little something else to think about. See, one of the biggest problems in Philippine society isn’t that people don’t have values, […]

5 Typical Pinoy Political Tricks To Watch Out For

It’s really sad that there’s barely any intellectual debate when it comes to Pinoy politics. Truth be told, in more developed countries, the primary strategy in politics involves promising a good strategy for the improvement of the country as a whole but here in the Philippines, it’s more about entertaining the people and distracting them from […]

The Self-Defeating Principles Of The Philippines

I had written a rather harsh article here in GRP about the immaturity of many Filipinos and Filipino society in general. Indeed, I must agree with a few commenters that the article was rather extreme because it openly criticized the inherent issues of the Philippines. However, while I do admit that the article must have felt like […]