Facing Society’s Demons: The Many Evils in Our Country

To be truly honest, I’m not really big on organized religion. I have doubts that any one person or group of persons can represent a Being that created the Universe and is thought to be even greater than the Cosmos They created. I believe that religion should be a personal pursuit and that it should […]

The [Real] Religion

Simula nang umakyat sa langit si Hesukristo, nagkawatak watak na ang kanyang mga apostoles dala dala ang kanyang mga aral. Lumawak nang lumawak ang saklaw ng mga karunungang hatid ng mga alagad ni Kristo hanggang sa mapadpad ang isa sa kanyang mga apostoles sa Roma. Naging maimpluwensya ang pangalang Hesus. At hindi napigilan ang pagdami […]

Pinoys and Religion: Blind Faith Without Spirituality

Pope Francis has left the Philippines after his much welcome concern for the less fortunate citizens of our dear country. But while his presence and intervention on behalf of the victims of poverty and Typhoon Haiyan was something to be appreciated, a question hangs in the air: Where do we go from here? Yes, the […]

Explosion of Joy or Explosion of Superficiality?

¬†Philippine Daily Inquirer page March 14, 2013 A1     I have said many times mass media is simply a mirror to society. Mass media gives the audience what it wants to attract what they want. It is very uncomfortable to know as a practicing Catholic in the Philippines that our religious leaders are not […]