Robin Padilla sickened by the Philippines, may leave for good!

A-List Filipino actor Robin Padilla has reportedly expressed a desire to leave the Philippines for good. “Ayoko na sa Pilipinas, tol! Ayoko na dito. Sawang-sawa na ako sa Pilipinas. Saksakan na ng maraming sinungaling dito sa Pilipinas,” (“I’ve given up on the Philippines! I’m sick and tired of it. The country is crawling with liars”) […]

Should the Philippines consider becoming a state of the Union?

I mean, think about it. Filipinos worship virtually everything American. They follow American showbiz, American sport (NBA in particular), mimic American accents, and bicker socially and politically, in a manner similar to Americans. Filipinos copied the American style of government and the concept of democracy wholesale. Filipinos are using (but hardly maintaining) what remains of […]

A sense of nationalism: The Philippines has no such thing

The Philippines is a country by colonial edict — much like the way the old Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia were, as well as many African nations. They are meaningless hollow pin-up states cobbled together for the sheer pleasure, vanity, and mercantile ambitions of their former imperial architects. In the case of the Philippines, even the name […]