Why Jessica Zafra fails in her crude attempt to defend ‘LGBT rights’

Jessica Zafra, in her recent Interaksyon.com article Shut the f-ck up, idiots fails to elevate the debate. Sure, perhaps she might feel she is surrounded by idiots who hold supposedly bigoted views about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. However Zafra loses, because she had launched herself into an amusing tililing rampage against […]

Homosexuality and Homophobia: In the end it is about Tolerance

This morning I visited Get Real Post to check on how my readers responded to my recent article on the Pacquiao vs gay community fiasco. I was pleased to see that my piece has piqued so many interests from so many people. However, I may have touched a nerve amongst some of my pro-gay readers. […]

Karma may be a bitch but it is not an itch

The trouble with the concept of karma is that it is a notion based on the assumption that nature owes humanity something. When we put faith in the notion that karma will catch up with someone who has wronged us, we hinge that faith on the belief that “justice” is some kind of natural order […]

The origins of morality, the glue that binds human societies

Jumping off from Hector Gamboa’s excellent piece Evolution-based Morality? Don’t Pick Up the Soap!, I thought I’d share my own readings on the controversial subject of the origins of morality. In his book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, Jonathan Haidt makes a case for the way morality arose […]

Evolution-based Morality? Don’t Pick Up the Soap!

So it appears that my last post has struck a nerve amongst a few readers, whom I suspect are atheists. That’s not really surprising as I have encountered so many atheists in the past who account morality to evolution. For these folks, at least the ones I have encountered, they do not subscribe to universal […]

First Church of Atheism: Atheism will turn into just another religion if its adherents are not careful

Atheism is becoming a religion and its prophet is Richard Dawkins. The fledgling Church of Dawkins is on track to follow the same evolutionary path trod by other organised religions. Originally, it is intellectuals that embrace the teachings (because they understand their true essence) of the prophet and went about to propagate said teachings. It […]

Knocking fashionistas is really just a fashion statement

Well, I guess fashionistas had it coming. My key takeaway after reading Lourd De Veyra’s tirade against the fashion-conscious, Sermon sa Mga Fashyown is the notion of fashion as a form of self-expression to which The Lourd argues using the question: So you mean your self-expression changes with the comings and goings of fads? Well, […]

How Filipino women can strongly contribute to building a more intelligent Philippines

The Net is awash lately with lots of lament about the sad state of intellectualism in Philippine society. Most recent is the stuff about the way Pinoys lionize new X Factor celeb and erstwhile caregiver Rose Fostanes. Like, is there nothing more to the Philippines than reality TV stars and beauty pageant winners? Then there […]