Manny Pacquiao coaching in Miami! (Not!)

Kudos to whoever made this photoshopped image of Manny Pacquiao making like Coach in Miami! Brilliant! It’s true in a different sense, however. The Filipino pound-for-pound greatest fighter in the world is making a career move into what remains the Philippines’ favourite sport… Pacquiao’s love for basketball is no secret, and he told reporters in […]

Filipinos need to stop whining about their pride…

Instead, they need to step up and substantiate such pride with actual accomplishments that collectively, they can be proud of. The Pinoy Pridists, as fellow GRP author ChinoF likes to call them, descended en masse upon his article “Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines”. The nature of commentary left there brought to light […]

Did you root for the Miami Heat’s opponent? Hater!

As GRP colleague ChinoF has pointed out, as long as someone who wins any international competition possesses even a tinge of Filipino blood, despite not even growing up here or honing his/her talents here, then Filipinos will, predictably, latch on to that person’s success and claim it as a victory of the Filipinos as a […]

Filipinos tops in NBA armchair sportscasting over Twitter

Suddenly it all makes sense to me. Sorry I’m kinda slow when it comes to sports trivia. So Erik Spoelstra, coach of the NBA team Miami Heat is a Filipino-American. Kaya pala. According to a Philippine Star report, Filipinos have been so enthralled by the NBA finals in which Heat is up against Oklahoma City […]